What I offer

I offer something called integrative therapy and therefore have a wide range of different therapeutic techniques.

This is important as it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. A technique or theoretical approach that works for one client may be completely unsuitable for another. I usually use a combination of different approaches as each of us is individual, and the integrative outlook provides therapy that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Amongst others, these include:

Humanistic – This focuses on an individual’s self worth and values. Being valued as a person, without being judged, can help you to accept who you are, and reconnect with yourself.

Psychodynamic – This helps to bring the unconscious mind into consciousness, as the unconscious can hold onto painful feelings and experiences, which are too difficult for the conscious mind to process.

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) – This works to solve current problems and change unhelpful thinking and behaviour. CBT is problem focused and action oriented. I’ll work with you to design specific strategies to help with your problems and to break down repetitive and often disruptive behaviours.

Transactional Analysis – I use this technique to analyse everyday communication to help people find better ways of interacting with others. We look at early childhood decisions, which have given us a ‘script’ for how we relate to the world and others. It also provides the tools to move beyond this script to enable more fulfilling life.

Gestalt therapy – This type of therapy emphasises what is happening in the ‘here and now’ and helps clients to become aware of their needs and desires and how they function in their environment. It can take the form of exercises and experiments, which are designed to evoke emotions, enhance awareness and ultimately bring about change.

Art therapy – Drawing and painting can bypass conscious and unconscious defences. The use of visual imagery can help people to get in touch with memories and deep issues that they may be struggling to put into words.

The work can be both short or long term depending upon which will be of most benefit to you.

As well as face to face counselling and therapy, I offer Skype and phone counselling sessions.

Contact me

Phone: 07887 640752
Email: cressida.ellis@cjecounsellingandtherapy.com

My private practice is based in a comfortable setting in Hove, East Sussex.
I can provide details and instructions when you book.