About me

I have an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Therapy and Counselling , and have worked with both adults and children with a wide range of issues.

For the past seven years I have been working with adults at The Rock Clinic West and also have my own private practice in Hove. I’ve worked as a counsellor in primary schools, as well as working with adolescents in my private practice.

I also offer specialist experience in addictions; both substance abuse and behavioural addictions such as compulsive overeating, sex and love addiction and co-dependency. I also have undertaken Cognitive Behavioural Therapy training to specifically address anxiety disorders, depression, addictive behaviours and obsessive compulsive disorder.

I am also a qualified EMDR therapist. EMDR is one of two trauma therapies recognised by the NHS.  It can be used to help with a whole range of issues such as PTSD, grief, addictions, phobias, anxiety, sexual and emotional abuse,  depression, low self esteem. It tends to be more of a short term therapy and can bring about massive shifts in clients’ lives in a relatively short space of time.

Clearly professional qualifications and experience are important, but I also place great value on the healing qualities of the relationship between client and therapist. Therapy is a collaborative process and I believe that building trust, feeling understood and in charge of decision and choice making within the process are all key aspects of the counselling journey for clients. Developing a unique working partnership with each individual client and using this to help them overcome their struggles is at the heart of my work.

Before working in this field, I had a career in media in London based agencies, so I know how it can feel to work in a pressurised and demanding work environment.

Working on myself, with the help of a good therapist, completely transformed my life, so when I advise my clients that therapy has the potential to help them change; I’m speaking through personal first hand experience. It helped me to find a more fulfilling and happy path in life, to accept myself and grow as a person. I chose the same type of therapy to train in, as I have absolute faith in its life changing potential.

I have also done courses in mindfulness meditation, and I now practice meditation in my daily life. This helps to bring a more holistic approach to my therapeutic work.

I am an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the largest professional body representing counselling and psychotherapy in the UK, and I abide by their code of ethics.


Contact me

Phone: 07887 640752
Email: cressida.ellis@cjecounsellingandtherapy.com

My private practice is based in a comfortable setting in Hove, East Sussex.
I can provide details and instructions when you book.